Aesop’s Fables – 25 Copies

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  • Aesop was an African storyteller who lived in ancient Greece. He used tales about animals and nature to teach important life lessons and morals. These stories are now known around the world.
  • This book contains 101 of Aesop’s best fables, accompanied by over fifty world-class illustrations. As you’ll see, these fables are written for children, but these lessons are relevant for all ages!
  • Aesop’s Fables are both universal and timeless, making this book a perfect centerpiece for families (and classrooms!) to enjoy while you share in reading and have fun talking together about these lively stories and lessons.

“Aesop’s Fables are stories that describe relationships between animals, humans, and nature. These fables center on themes of fairness, humility, kindness, courage, cooperation, and dozens of other important values.”
– Dr. Sujan Dass, Book Editor


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