Daily Meditations

A Year of Guidance on the Meaning of Life


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A world changing way of looking at life. 365 days of inspiration, motivation, and redefinition of what really matters.


Daily Meditations: A Year of Guidance on the Meaning of Life by James Allen (1864-1912). Introduction   and   layout   ©2013   by   Supreme   Design,   LLC. Manufactured  in  the USA.  All rights  reserved.  No part of  this book  may be  reproduced  in  any  form  or  by  any  electronic  or  mechanical  meansincluding  information  storage  and  retrieval  systems  without permission in writing from the publisher, except by a reviewer, who may quote brief passages  in  a  review.  Published  by  Two  Horizons  Press,  PO  Box  10887, Atlanta, GA 30310 Although  the  editor  and  publisher  have  made  every  effort  to ensure  the accuracy  and  completeness  of  information  contained  in  this  book,  we assume   no   responsibility   for   errors,   inaccuracies,   omissions, or   any inconsistency   herein.   Any   perceived   slights   of   people,   places,   or organizations are not intended to be malicious in nature. If you feel we’ve made  an  error  of  any  sort,  feel  free  to  write  to  us  or  email  us  so  that  we can work to resolve any concerns.  Cover design and layout by Proven Publishing (provenpublishing.com)  First printing 2012 LCCN: 9781935721086          ISBN 13: 978-1-935721-08-6



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