The Hood Health Handbook Vol. 2

A Practical Guide to Health and Wellness in the Urban Community


  • Paperback: 480 pages
  • ISBN-10:193572133X
  • ISBN-13:978-1935721338

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How can you attain optimum health with minimum resources? This book shows us how, in plain English. Hood Health is an anthology of health experts from urban communities throughout the Americas, offering practical health solutions. Topics include diet, exercise, psychological wellness, reproductive health, environmental toxins, urban survival, and budgeting. Over a dozen writers contributed to this handbook, edited by C BS Alife and Supreme Understanding. The contributors include fitness gurus, dieticians, personal trainers, and holistic practitioners from around the country. The completion of the text was supervised by a panel of licensed physicians. Black and Brown people in America are two to six times more likely to die from health-related complications than their white peers, even when you look at people whose income is the same. Why? What is happening in urban communities? And what can be done to change it? The answers are in this book. The Hood Health Handbook is a COMPREHENSIVE source of information and insight on EVERY health issue faced by the urban community. In plain language, the authors draw on well-known examples from urban culture to illustrate what works…and what doesn t. Focusing on natural and affordable alternatives to Western medicine, the authors provide recommendations that anyone can put to practice. Don t wait to pick this book up until it s too late. Volume One focuses on the status of health in the urban community, the “wrong foods” that make us unhealthy, the history of diet and healthcare among Black and brown people (focusing on how things changed for the worst), the diseases and illnesses that plague our communities, and holistic (natural) methods to heal and treat ourselves into wellness. Volume Two focuses on other essentials outside of diet (rest, water, sunlight, and more), hygiene, mental health, emotional health, health issues specific to women, having and raising healthy children, maintaining a clean and healthy household, and how to avoid the dangerous toxins in our food and environment. Collectively, The Hood Health Handbook features over 120 informative and practical articles, including contributions from hiphop artist and nutritionist Supa Nova Slom; physician and medical fraud expert Dr. Scott Whitaker; vegan chef Bryant Terry; hiphop artist and fitness expert Stic.man; chef and holistic health counselor, Afya Ibomu; expert on law and healthcare disparities Dr. Vernellia Randall; hiphop artist and activist, Wise Intelligent; detox expert and educator Dr. Nancy Williams; naturopathic doctor and skin care consultant, Dr. Kanika Jamila and dozens of others.



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    This books breaks down so many topics on how to care for your body, how to eat to live. A must have!!!

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    In today’s world, facing so much disinformation, mass-media brainwashing and social manipulations, we often don’t know who to trust and listen to. With the trend of doctors giving away pills and weird medecine like candies, that distrust is carried to the medical field as well. This is where the Hood Health Handbook comes in handy. It’s writers and collaborators are people like you and me, who value a healthy lifestyle and decided to share their knowledge and wisdom with us— the people.

    The volume one and two of the Hood Health Handbooks are absolutely great. There is so much topics covered, valuable information and educational content that it’s hard to put the book down. It ranges from facts on junk food, red meat, bad daily habits, hygiene, healthy eating, exercise, health problems, illnesses, etc, plus ways of improving your lifestyle and general health. It’s an amazing alternative to formal health education that is too often very limited in depth. The HHH, while keeping it simple and not venturing into profound medical vocabulary, not only features advices and tips for healthy living, it goes deep into the questionning of health issues in our modern times. For exemple, it doesn’t diagnost an issue, it goes deep into the source of the problem and helps preventing health problems & illnesses by giving the reader different alternatives to bad health habits and ways of naturally healing yourself. This book was put together BY the people, FOR the people. If your health is a priority, make this book a valuable tool and reference.

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