The Science of Self: Man, God, and the Mathematical Language of Nature – 25 Copies

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Using the highest standards of scientific methodology and peer-reviewed sources with hundreds of citations and footnotes for further study!
Not pseudo-science. Real science. The Science of SELF.

Showing and Proving:

  • Why melanin can be found in our skin, in our brains, and in interstellar clouds
  • How life began on Earth and the process it went through to become the first people
  • The mathematical nature of all life processes
  • The Black origins of all the world’s ancient civilizations
  • How indigenous traditions are often more effective than modern methods
  • The advanced technological abilities of prehistoric people
  • The Black builders of Stonehenge and what else they gave the world
  • The reason why many ancient civilizations fell apart
  • The way our societies worked before European contact
  • The role of the mind and consciousness in creating physical reality
  • The science of prophecy, prediction, and myth
  • The origins of the world’s ancient religions
  • The Blackwoman’s relationship with the living planet Earth
  • The history of Original people worldwide BEFORE 4,000 BC
  • The cyclical nature of history and how we can use the past to understand the present


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