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What Book Do I Get First?

If you’re new to the work of Dr. Supreme Understanding, or Dr. Sujan Dass, you’ll want to know that he published all his works as a curriculum, or a learning system. This is the order in which these books should be read for the best understanding. Titles are either marked as a publication from Supreme Design Publishing (SDP), which focuses on urban self-help written for everyone, or from our sister imprint, Two Horizons Press, which focuses on educational, historical, and philosophical titles, as well as classic works from forgotten eras, perfect for serious students of history and culture!

Looking to change your life? Ready to get started by learning everything you may have missed?

how-to-hustle-and-winHow to Hustle and Win, Part One should be first, for any reader ages 15 to 105.

Even younger if you’ve been exposed to the real world at an early age! This is the social studies text of the future, explaining the world and its realities to readers who may not even like reading books! This book teaches us how to see through the lies we are told and begin creating a new reality for ourselves. (SDP)

Started changing your mind, and now you’re ready to work on changing your life and circumstances?

how-to-hustle-and-win-part-2_rap-race-and-revolutionHow to Hustle and Win, Part Two: Rap, Race, and Revolution is the second book to read after Part One, naturally.

This book goes beyond personal awareness and development, exploring how readers can change their “hood” and then the world. This book introduces new ways of living and thinking, like the path of the Five Percent. (SDP)

Looking for a deeper understanding of self, now that you’ve started getting your life on track?

knowledge-of-selfKnowledge of Self is an anthology of wisdom from the Five Percent.

It explores a wide array of issues like religion, poverty, justice, identity, race, gender, knowledge of self, the science of everything in life, and even what happens after we die! If you’re looking for an introduction to the science of yourself, this is it. This book includes contribution from Five Percenters from around the world and across every sphere of life, including celebrities like Wu Tang Clan’s Cappadonna and Popa Wu, as well as Brand Nubian’s Lord Jamar, who provides the foreword for this text. (SDP)

Want to share some of these life lessons with your children, like how to handle serious challenges?

real-life-is-no-fairy-taleReal Life is No Fairy Tale is a children’s book, teaching our young about resilience and staying positive despite all adversity.

If you’re looking to empower your children (before they can read How to Hustle and Win or Knowledge of Self), this is where to begin. A CD with animated video, audiobook, and printable worksheets is included for homeschoolers. This book was published under our academic imprint, Two Horizons Press, and authored by Dr. Sujan Dass, otherwise known as Supreme Understanding. (Two Horizons Press)

Looking for the wisdom to make sense of your circumstances and what you can pull from them?

from-poverty-to-power-frontFrom Poverty to Power is a classic text we dug up and republished for our readers.

From James Allen, the enlightened author of As a Man Thinketh and other classics on thinking our way into a new reality, this book specifically focuses on making the best out of one’s poor circumstances. Like other republished titles from our Two Horizons Press imprint, this resurrected classic provides a change of pace from Supreme Design titles, challenging readers to slow down and think differently. The wisdom within is valuable though! (Two Horizons Press)

Have someone in your life who’s incarcerated, or headed that way, and needs direction?

locked-up-but-not-locked-downLocked Up, but not Locked Down is a comprehensive guide to understanding, avoiding, and surviving the horrors of the American prison system.

Coauthors IAtomic and Ahmariah Jackson offer a wealth of insights into the experience, alongside contributions from dozens of others, including women, juvenile offenders, and political prisoners like the renowned Mumia Abu Jamal, who provides the book’s foreword. This book is illuminating not only for those who are, or have been, incarcerated, but also for young people who need to understand what it’s like before they end up there!

Ready to start transforming your life from the inside out and becoming healthy?

the-hood-health-handbook-volume-oneThe Hood Health Handbook, Volume One, is your next step, after regaining your mind and a sense of yourself from the previous books.

As you reclaim yourself, you’ll want to begin living healthier. Volume One teaches how to change our diets to prevent and combat disease, without having to suffer or spend too much money. As the title suggests, this book is a near-encyclopedia of natural health information, written for people who normally don’t want to read about natural health! Renowned health expert and elder Dick Gregory provides the foreword for this important guide!

Now that you’re getting healthy, do you want insight on how to bring wellness to every area of your life?

the-hood-health-handbook-volume-twoThe Hood Health Handbook, Volume Two, covers everything not covered in Volume One, which focuses on diet, disease, and natural treatments.

Volume Two covers mental health, emotional health, raising healthy children, and keeping a healthy home. Another must have for those looking to change their lives and that of their families! (SDP)

Looking for how you can start cooking and eating healthier, all while saving money?

a-taste-of-lifeA Taste of Life Cookbook is an amazing compilation of over 1,000 delicious vegetarian recipes from around the world, with a focus on “ethnic” cuisine, so we can begin eating more like our ancestors.

For those looking to change their diet and lifestyle after reading the Hood Health series, this book makes it easy, including instructions on how to transition, how to shop, and how to cook and prepare food, as well as a guide to the nutrients your body needs. (SDP)

Want to share timeless life lessons with young children? Need some good stories to tell?

aesops-fables-frontAesop’s Fables is the perfect children’s book for those with younger readers or those you’re still reading to!

This is an edited collection of fables told in Greece by an Ethiopian storyteller, illustrating timeless life lessons through tales from the natural world. For those of you changing your families from the inside out, this is a great book of bedtime stories for small children, as it helps you teach wisdom and life lessons with animals! (Two Horizons Press)

You’ve read Knowledge of Self and want to dig ever deeper into how this universe works?

the-science-of-selfThe Science of Self, Volume One, is a science book that explores the cosmology introduced in Knowledge of Self.

This book goes deeper into the science of “Original People” and their origins, covering the formation of the physical universe, the origins of the planets, the history of man, the science of melanin, metaphysics, and the mathematical language of nature. If you’re looking for a deeper understanding of the universe and its workings, this book will introduce you to real science from a fresh perspective. (SDP)

You’ve read the basics but want to know the earliest histories of your ancestors?

when-the-world-was-black-part-oneWhen the World was Black, Part One, is the next book to read in the “Science of Self” series.

It begins with the earliest history of our ancestors as man, spreading across the globe to establish the world’s oldest cultures. You’ll read about how Black people invented amazing innovations and transformed the world hundreds of thousands of years ago. This series includes hundreds of references and photos to document the history of Black communities across the world in earliest times. (SDP)

Read about your ancestors’ early feats, and want to know about the era of great urban civilizations?

when-the-world-was-black-part-twoWhen the World was Black, Part Two, is the second part of this historical series, exploring the history of the world before Caucasians.

This book covers the history of the Americas, Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, and the Pacific Islands when they had thriving urban civilizations with massive stone and earth temples and pyramids, for thousands of years before their eventual destruction. What happened and why? This book explores Black history from a fresh new perspective, with hundreds of references and photos. (SDP)

Know all about the Science of Self and When the World was Black, but want to understand the science behind the world’s Black gods?

black-godBlack God is another amazing history book connected to the Science of Self series.

It provides an introduction to the world’s many religions and the reason why they often revere, either in public or in secret – a Black god. Or many of them! This book explores the historical personalities behind these figures of divinity, and reveals that most of these Gods were once simply great Black men who did great things and have been revered since then! Naturally, this leads us to the question of what will you do now, to be remembered similarly? (SDP)

Looking for something to help bring life to the many cultures discussed in When the World was Black?

heritage-playing-cardsHeritage Playing Cards are the conversation starter you need at your next get-together!

As designer, Supreme Understanding removed the European royalty from our standard playing cards and created a deck featuring the indigenous people of the world, Black, brown, red, and yellow. These are also a great educational tool for homseschoolers! Each of the 52 cards features a richly-drawn full-color personality from one of our ancestral cultures, showing what they wore and how they lived. Also included with this deck is a 16-page booklet identifying the characters and introducing card games from around the world. (Two Horizons Press)

Interested in delving into the secret traditions of the ancient Nile Valley and their cosmology?

the-kybalionThe Kybalion is a mysterious work originally ascribed to “three initiates” of a hermetic teaching that made its way West from the secret schools of the Nile Valley.

This teaching, covering the seven hermetic laws by which the universe is governed, is contained in the Kybalion, which was originally published over 100 years ago. We republished it to reintroduce these timeless principles to those who could understand and apply them successfully. This edition includes a modern introduction investigating the means by which Western writers were handed down a tradition of ancient Black knowledge originally said to have come from the Gods of the Nile. (Two Horizons Press)

Now that you’ve cultivated both your mind and your body, do you want to improve yourself further? Considering how significant it is, what about the way we breathe?

the-science-of-breathThe Yogi Science of Breath was a manual on the science of correct breathing, originally written by a Yogi Ramacharaka over 100 years ago.

Many of us do not breathe correctly, and this is the root of many of our other wellness issues. After mastering the health principles covered in the Hood Health series, and eating and cooking better as shown in the Taste of Life Cookbook, you may want to increase your physical longevity even more, by mastering the art of breathing! (Two Horizons Press)

Interested in learning about the military strategies your enslaved ancestors used to get free?

black-rebellionBlack Rebellion is a history book, covering the wars between enslaved Black people and their white captors.

It is a collection of eyewitness accounts from revolts, insurrections, uprisings, and slaveship mutinies, including those of Nat Turner, Denmark Vesey, Stono, Toussaint L’Overture in Haiti, and the Maroons of Jamaica. Dedicated students of Black history will find this collection a valuable tool in reconstructing the military tactics of our ancestors, and those principles that succeeded as well as those that failed, in attempting to live freely on American soil at a time of great hostility towards Black freedom. (Two Horizons Press)

Looking for a fresh perspective on Black issues from the 1920s? What if I told you it was all still relevant?

darkwaterDarkwater, by W.E.B. Du Bois, is different from what you’d expect, considering that Du Bois is usually described as a “conservative.”

But in this book, written after his famous Souls of Black Folk, Du Bois speaks for those Black voices hidden “behind the veil” and addresses everything from the plight of the Black woman to his excitement about the coming rise of a Black Messiah! In Darkwater, you’ll find prose, poetry, political commentary, and even a science fiction piece describing the destruction of New York City! (Two Horizons Press)

Want to know more about those who fought back? Looking for the Black history you weren’t taught?

heroic-slave_david-walkers-appealThe Heroic Slave/David Walker’s Appeal is a two-in-one book, designed to further our knowledge and understanding of American slavery and how it came to an end.

While white abolitionists proceeded with caution, Black authors often took a much more revolutionary stance. One of the most notable of these was David Walker, a free Black man who wrote an appeal to all the Original/melanated people of the world, for them to study their ancient and glorious past, and to draw on their ancestors and each other to end white supremacy. David Walker’s Appeal was the book that set off 100 slave revolts! Walker also inspired countless others. He may have inspired Frederick Douglass, who wrote an unknown novella known as The Heroic Slave. In it, he argues for revolution, unlike the pacifist (or “conservative”) approach historians normally associate with him. Instead, in this book, Douglass supports the freedom of Black people, by any means necessary! (Two Horizons Press)

Digging for the oldest sources on Black liberation and the teaching of a “science of self” for Black people?

the-african-abroad-volume-oneThe African Abroad is a classic reprint of a massive work of historical research by UNIA minister William Henry Ferris.

Ferris was an advisor to Marcus Garvey, who sought to teach the great accomplishments of Black men and women, past and present. In two volumes totaling almost 1,000 pages, Ferris talks about great Black leaders of the past, how the world’s ancient civilizations and cultures were founded by Black people, and the cosmology of Man as God and God as Man. Considering this was written over 100 years ago, finding this nearly-lost work is a treat for all serious students of Black studies, a field of research the author helped establish. (Two Horizons Press)

Habla espanol? Know somebody who does, and wants to change their thinking?

la-bregaLa Brega is the Spanish edition of How to Hustle and Win.

If you know a Spanish speaker who needs the insights addressed in How to Hustle and Win, or if you’re simply trying to gain Spanish language literacy yourself, this deeply discounted title is a great investment! (SDP)

Need another educational tool to share with your students? Why not grab the last of these calendars?

365-days-of-real-black-history-calendar-2011The 365 Days of Real Black History wall calendar is an educational resource that’s outlived the time it was made for!

We still have a few copies of our 2011 and 2012 calendars, which contain a daily fact about “real” Black history that isn’t traditionally taught in schools! Although they’re now a collector’s item, they’re great for homeschoolers looking for “bite-sized” pieces of information the children can digest. Each calendar includes 12 months of stunning artwork, designed around the themes of Black culture and excellence, and can be framed and hung up, using a record album frame. (SDP)

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