Chattel In Human Zoos Also Called Ethnological Expositions

We all have ownership over something, am I right? Whether it be a book, a phone, a house or even a car. It could even be a something as simple as a bracelet, but we all possess something that we know belongs to us. You have the right to say: what happens to it, and how its taken care of, its location and where it goes and even with who it goes.

If you decide to not want the item any longer then you as the rightful owner has the right to decide how it is you want to get rid of it, right? But what do you feel about that item being a person? Someone who has intelligence, emotions, and universal rights! Sounds absolutely absurd? What if I told you that black and brown people were seen as chattel?

Chattel – A personal possession (other than real estate), personal item and somehow seen as less than a human i.e. a pet or living commodity.

“They Treated Us Like Animals” by C’BS ALIFE ALLAH featured in The Hood Health Handbook (pg. 67) builds on the horrors of what was known in the Americas as, Chattel Slavery. One of the ways in which all Original people were exploited and humiliated involved placing them in human zoos also called ethnological expositions.

Yep that’s right, zoos! The same ones that animals are kept in! How inhumane and disgusting is that? These disgusting white people looked at those who had hue (color, the original people) as nothing more than animals. Now most reading this may bring up the point of, “So does that mean that animals are more deserving of being held captive against their will than humans?” In my own opinion no. We all have a purpose and a role here on this earth, animals of all species play just as an important role as we do. They have an intelligence as well as us, even if we do not understand their intelligence fully we still have to respect it.

Pertaining to animals, zoo’s can be a useful tool if used only to observe the nature and science of animals in their “natural habitat”. But for all that, just go to THEIR actual natural habitat and see for yourself just how their living. Don’t cage them up for life, denying them of a life their supposed to live without this type of human interference. If I were an animal, I wouldn’t want to be uprooted away from my home and family to be placed in a controlled variable for the pleasure of others. It’s just wrong.

“Look into people like Ota Benga, Saartijie Baartman, and Ishi. These were all Original people who were kept in zoos or exhibitions to be gawked at by white people. Ota Benga was kept in the Bronx zoo in a cage right next to animals (as “evidence” of the popular “Blacks = monkeys” theme)” (pg.67).

Whites would pay money to poke and prod the Original People because they were seen as “oddities” and “curious wonders”. The only thing that should be considered property of anyone are things that have NO emotions, feelings or universal rights! Such as phones, books, or that bracelet. NOT humans or animals. Let’s be mindful to be considerate of others and to do to those as we would want done to us!

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