Are You A Illogical Thinker or a Logical One?

Many of us today take the things we hear and see at face value. Following the traditions and rules of our parents and loved ones without further investigating because we automatically assume that they would never steer us wrong, right? Right. At least not intentionally I would hope! In short the meaning of “face value” means to accept someone or something just as it appears without further investigating or verifying. So that brings us to the question, are you a illogical thinker or a logical one?

“The Lies We Tell Ourselves” by Supreme Understanding featured in The Hood Health Handbook (pg.33-36) speaks greatly on and brings awareness to the importance of using our logical thinking skills to make decisions for ourselves rather than letting someone else and their logic be a deciding factor for us without proper evaluation.

In this section of the book Supreme list well known rebuttals I am sure we have all said, thought or heard someone say at some point when challenged with new or foreign information as it pertains to our health and wellness. Still not sure what I mean? Here’s a couple of examples:

  • “You gotta die from SOMEthing, might as well do this and enjoy it.” (pg. 34) or
  • “What’s the point? Everything is bad for you.” (pg.35)

Either of these things sounds familiar? Chances are these are some of the same responses you’ve heard others give when approached with the “health talk”.

Cognitive Dissonance is our coping mechanism which would explain why we talk as if there is not hope but to stay suffering. In other words, we lie to ourselves because it goes against our beliefs and everything we were standing on. So we come up with a bunch of excuses that justifies our, what we don’t see as, ill behaviors. Yes, it is true that we are going to all have to die from something someday. But while we are here and “supposedly living” why does our quality of life have to be poor? Why are we okay with increasing our chances of dying? Shouldn’t we be doing things that will decrease an early grave as much as we can? We all want to feel good, look good, attract good, and be good! Don’t We? I know I do! Yet we are in denial and not willing to give up the things that mean us NO GOOD!

It all comes down to deciphering and accepting the truth, and having the will to change and do something about the wrong things and to make things right. Don’t be a illogical thinker who takes what he hears and runs with it without doing his own research to verify first. Even if it’s from a trustworthy source. Just because these behaviors are what we now consider “traditions” that we have grown comfortable with doesn’t mean that it was ever right or exact. Confirm things first and make sure the logic is logical or you’ll just look silly okay? You’re also cheating yourself and doing yourself a disservice. Let’s strive to be more mindful and think with logic, don’t settle for nonsense. Its okay to ask questions and get answers that actually make sense!

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