Be About it Or Not

There are little to no benefits that come from straddling the fence. Indecisiveness goes hand in hand with procrastination and no one wants someone who is indecisive in their ear.

In the section of the book How to Hustle and Win, “Killing a Man” by Supreme Understanding, tells an experience that he went through. This experience is from a time of his life when he was younger. He found himself in a situation where he had a gun pulled out on a man. While having the gun pointed at the man and aimed for the man’s head, he had an important decision to make. He knew that all he had to do was “squeeze the trigger with just enough pressure to put the hammer in motion, but not so much pressure that my hand would jerk and I’d miss”.

The author retells how the man was begging for his life and pleading not to be shot. The author was unclear of what the man was saying and couldn’t understand his words, all he knew is that he was afraid. Luckily one of Supreme’s brothers pulled him aside and talked him out of what could of been a bad situation.

Looking back, Supreme Understanding acknowledges that he made the right decision for several reasons. For one, he would have been unprepared to be able to get away with his crime. Not owning a car would have been problematic, not being able to get away from the crime scene quickly. There was also the issue of having witnesses around if he did act rashly.

“…And I knew better than to ride with someone else, because you can’t trust anybody to keep their mouth shut these days”, Supreme Understanding said. While admitting other problems that he faced while trying to track down the person that he intended to murder, the biggest problem was within himself. His heart was not set on becoming a murderer.

The main idea that anyone can take away from reading this part of the book, is learning not to “straddle the fence”. It encourages readers to be all in with their decision making or to not start at all. “Don’t half-ass anything. Either do it or don’t. Be about it or not”, states Supreme Understanding.

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