This book is a compilation of the BEST info we could find, brought to you with the intentions of making homeschooling easy to navigate. Why? Because homeschooling is a MUST for all families interested in raising a generation of FREE independent thinkers who are TRULY prepared for the challenges of the future. More on that later.


There’s a ton in here! Feel free to skip ahead as needed! We start off with some basic guidance on why you should start homeschooling and how to begin.

Then it’s the essentials you came for:

Part One: Grants, funding, and tax credits for homeschooling in your area!

Part Two: A huge collection of resources on how to homeschool for FREE and save money in all areas!

Part Three: A comprehensive guide to Homeschooling laws and regulations for all 50 states in the U.S. and throughout the world – and how to begin the process.

We hope everything within this volume helps you immensely! We’ll update this ebook regularly, so if we missed anything, or there’s duplicates or something we should cut, it’ll be fixed by the next edition!

Also, many of the articles here come from popular authors and sources on homeschooling, and we have kept their links intact so you can explore their content further. We apologize for any errors in attribution or other edits made for the reader’s benefit. If you’d like to see changes made to our content, reach out to us directly so we can fix any errors!

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