How To Avoid Being Cheated

Picture this.

You made a business deal with someone.

Trusting that they had the same morality as you,

You went through with the deal as promised.

It wasn’t until you got home that you realized that you were cheated.

How could all of this been avoided?


In the section of the book titled “Three Kilos of Columbian Coke”, Supreme Understanding speaks on a valuable lesson. A story is told about two friends named Carlos and Rey who came together to look for a buyer for a deal on drugs.

“They had big weight, and were trying to unload it fast, but only if the price was right. Before long, word came back. They had a buyer”. When they met up with the buyer, the two spoke in Spanish with Ray translating for Carlos. After coming up with stories about the product being scarce due to police intervention, Ray and Carlos inflated their prices.

Not only did they inflate their prices, they also only provided a small amount of cocaine compared to the impression that the buyers believed they would be purchasing. How could this have been avoided?

If the buyers had checked all of the cocaine instead of the piece that was broken off for them, they would have seen that they were being sold newspaper. This also could have been avoided if they checked before handing over $60 thousand dollars.

What can you take away from this section of the book?

“Inspect and investigate. It’s always in your best interest”, Supreme Understanding suggests.

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