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How To Avoid Being Cheated

How To Avoid Being Cheated

Picture this. You made a business deal with someone. Trusting that they had the same morality as you, You went through with the deal as promised. It wasn’t until you got home that you realized that you were cheated. How could all of this been avoided?   In the...

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Be About it Or Not

Be About it Or Not

There are little to no benefits that come from straddling the fence. Indecisiveness goes hand in hand with procrastination and no one wants someone who is indecisive in their ear. In the section of the book How to Hustle and Win, “Killing a Man” by Supreme...

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How to Hustle and Win Part 1

A Survival Guide for the Ghetto

Looking to change your life? Ready to get started by learning everything you may have missed? How to Hustle and Win, Part One should be first, for any reader ages 15 to 105.
Even younger if you’ve been exposed to the real world at an early age! This is the social studies text of the future, explaining the world and its realities to readers who may not even like reading books! This book teaches us how to see through the lies we are told and begin creating a new reality for ourselves. (Reader Level: Anybody Can Get It)

How to Hustle and Win Part 2

Rap, Race, and Revolution

Started changing your mind, and now you’re ready to work on changing your life and circumstances? How to Hustle and Win, Part Two: Rap, Race, and Revolution is the second book to read after Part One, naturally.
This book goes beyond personal awareness and development, exploring how readers can change their “hood” and then the world. This book introduces new ways of living and thinking, like the path of the Five Percent. (Reader Level: Anybody Can Get It)

La Brega

Como Sobrevivir en el Barrio

Habla espanol? Know somebody who does, and wants to change their thinking? La Brega is the Spanish edition of How to Hustle and Win.
If you know a Spanish speaker who needs the insights addressed in How to Hustle and Win, or if you’re simply trying to gain Spanish language literacy yourself, this title is a great investment!

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Hassan Chris Tremble-El

“Perhaps you just don’t know where to go to purchase books that will most definitely empower you, your children, your family and your community. Go here to this website.”

Zuri Sanaa

“I’d recommend that everybody read How to Hustle and Win by: Supreme Understanding It’s life changing for people of all walks of life.”

PringleTheOne - Amazon Customer

All I can say is, cop this book, its frigging amazing. I recommend, if not need alot of my black and brown folk to read this book, and even white people as well.”
Rap, Race, and Revolution (Kindle), 5 Stars


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