Infected by Trusted Monsters in White Coats

Imagine having an ailment (illness) that is causing you great discomfort so you go to your trusted physician whom is under oath to help those in need and not do any harm. You go to them because they’re the “experts” and have the answers as it pertains to how to help you feel well when your body feels sick. If they happen to not know the answers and how to go about addressing the concern, then they, as trusted physicians under oath, are responsible for finding out what those answers are to the best of their ability. But what if I told you that innocent people have been infected by trusted monsters in white coats without their consent?

“The Tuskeegee Syphillis Experiment” by C’BS ALIFE ALLAH featured in The Hood Health Handbook (pg.69) goes into details about the experiment ran on a group of 399 black men who had syphilis beginning in 1932. Long story short, these men were told that they had “bad blood” and at that time there was said to be no cure for the disease. Yet in 1940 when penicillin became the cure for syphilis, those group of black men with syphilis STILL were not being treated!

Instead they were given free burial insurance, free meals, and free medical care. Shake my head. As an experiment they wanted to observe the progression of the disease. Who is they you ask? Trusted “HIGHLY QUALIFIED HEALTH PROFESSIONALS” as it says on the official U.S. Public Health Service website. If you were going to study the progression of something you knew nothing about, at least have the decency to let these individuals know HONESTLY what was going on.

At least explain to them the risks and the process of watching a mystery disease run its course so that they could decide if the risk was worth it or not. Let them decide their own fate. They had ZERO KNOWLEDGE nor did they CONSENT TO PARTICIPATE and not ONE of these monsters in white coats had the decency to say a thing!

Featured in The Hood Health Handbook (pg 69-70) also speaks on the “Guatemalan Version of the Tuskeegee and Project 4.1”. Government medical researchers INTENTIONALLY infected hundreds of people in Guatemala, including mental patients, with gonorrhea and syphilis without their KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT! As a part of the study, those infected were encouraged to pass the infection onto others as a part of the study.

With Project 4.1 “…residents of the Marshal Islands were exposed to the radioactive fallout from test at Bikini Atoll.” Because of the many nuclear test conducted by the U.S the Indigenous Rongelap women the first five years after the test saw their miscarriage and stillbirth rates double. The doctors sat and watched things again run its course. Infect me? NOT! They jacked bodies, let you suffer, indoctrinated you, played your savior, told you that everything about you was wrong and forced on you what they feel is right for you. The white man’s history consist ONLY of STEALING everyone else’s history. We have to be in the know about the evils done and being done to people of color so that we can learn from the past, protect ourselves and the our future generations to come.

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