‘Legal’ Drug Dealers?

Growing up I never saw the world to be so dark. Never thought that there could be a force so negative that it would allow people to poison others for profit. Do you think that it is fair to lock up some of the drug dealers but not all of them? Usually it’s the ones selling what has been deemed ‘illegal’ by the very people whom sell the ‘legal’ drugs that do just as much if not more damage, going to jail. But where are the ‘legal’ drug dealers time behind bars? If you’re going do for some, do for ALL.

“I’ll Be Your Pusher: The FDA” by Phylis Iqbal featured in The Hood Health Handbook (pg.92-94) goes into details about the ‘legal’ drug dealers, Food and Drug Administration, also known as the FDA.

“Most people in the general public tend to believe that if they see an FDA approval symbol on the product that they’re buying, they’re safe. But what does it really mean to have a product approved by the FDA, versus a product that is not? The only real difference is that one is backed by, not only a huge government program but also a big medical drug company. The other product may be good for you, but it does not have the backing of the FDA.”

Before we go any further, I am not totally against medicine in its entirety nor doctors. In this case it’s not about what you do, but how you do it. Holistic Healing deals with healing in a WHOLE-listic way. Holisitc Health is the treatment of the whole person taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of disease. But doctors are NOT healers, and western medicine does NOT heal. Pharmaceutical medicines have so many potential side effects, being created as some of the most unnatural substances on earth.

Many are dependant on their medications (drugs) in order to live. Some get prescribed drugs for one issue they had, just to be side affected by the medication causing them another trip back to the doctors for a pill to get rid of the symptoms that the first pill caused. Just because your not out her snorting cocaine doesn’t mean that your not an addict. Let’s just say that you and the FDA are in a codependent relationship.

“Because our medical field today is littered with doctors, scientist, and pharmaceutical companies who believe in chemical medicine versus healing, the population has been made into lab rats that are used to test the latest inorganic compound.”(pg. 92)

What you put into your body matters. What you put on and into your body will directly affect that way you think and feel. The deadly combination of the toxic heavy foods along with the toxic heavy drugs to that we partake in daily is the direct result of disease. Fact check the information that you recieve, even if its known as a tradition. The system is designed for you to dependant on it. If you knew how to properly take care of yourself, you would rarely need to see a doctor, right? They are not trying to lose out on the money you pay them for suppressing your symptoms, so they keep you sick, confused and paying.

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