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You asked for it. So we’re doing it. We’re creating a book deal with ALL of our bestsellers in them. In fact, two copies each. It’s the #startyourownbookstore package.

It’s about $520 worth of books but I really liked the idea of a $200 deal so that’s what we’re going with! Yup you’re literally about to be able to start your own bookstore in your community for only $200. Or…If you sell half the books and keep the other half you just gave yourself a free home library of amazing literature.

That’s 2 Copies Each of:

  • How to Hustle and Win Pt 1
  • How to Hustle and Win Pt 2
  • Knowledge of Self
  • Hood Health Handbook 1
  • Hood Health Handbook 2
  • A Taste of Life
  • Science of Self
  • When the World was Black 1
  • When the World was Black 2
  • Black God
  • Green Medicine DVD
  • Real Life Is No Fairy Tale
  • Heroic Slave/David Walker’s Appeal
  • Dark Water

Interested in sharing our literature with your community? Why not become an official reseller? It doesn’t take any special paperwork. You can resell our books and make hundreds in extra income while serving people you care about with great educational tools and solutions! Our book bundles contain over $200 worth of books and products, but only cost $100! Even if you gave away half of the books, you’d make your investment back just by selling the remaining half!.Give it a shot and let us know your success stories! Tag us on social media at @supremedesignonline with the hashtag #bestblackbooks and #sdpbookseller so we can repost your online promotions!


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