365 Days of Real Black History Collectors Edition Wall Calendars (2011 | 2012)


The 365 Days of Real Black History calendars address a critical need in our communities: an understanding of our past and how it relates to our present.

  • Paperback
  • 2011 Collectors Edition
  • 2012 Collectors Edition

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The 365 Days of Real Black History calendars address a critical need in our communities: an understanding of our past and how it relates to our present.

For too long Black history has had very weak presentations, being limited to:
Random trivia about names and dates without any context of how those things came to be or how they affect us today.

The tame version of history that ignores the militancy required to abolish slavery or obtain civil rights.
A list of famous firsts which truly only highlights the first Blacks to be accepted by whites
Missing any reference or relevance to modern culture, present-day struggle, or important developments like Hip Hop, or Limited in its presentation of time or space, making Black seem like something limited to America and Africa, and something that only spans the past 500 years of history, beginning with slavery.

In all, these weak representations of Black history have served to make history uncool for many Black youth and nearly useless to those of us interested in understanding the roots to our present predicament. In reality, the story is so much greater, so much deeper, and so much stronger and it needs to be told daily.

Why are there are Black communities all over the world, from southern Russia to southeast Asia, and from South America to the islands of the South Pacific? Some of them are no longer around, but we know they were there. How? They left behind plenty of evidence. But who were these people? Where did they come from? How did they get to distant outposts like Easter Island, Tierra del Fuego, and even the frigid regions of northern Europe, Canada, and Siberia? And what role did these people play in establishing the world’s first cultures and civilizations? Finally, what happened to them?

We designed our content around a specific theme for each month:
1. January: Black Beginnings
2. February: Race and Revolution
3. March: Slavery and Oppression
4. April: Theology
5. May: Women
6. June: Sports
7. July: Law and Government
8. August: Health and Medicine
9. September: Culture & Tradition
10. October: Rebellion & Resistance
11. November: Arts & Entertainment
12. December: Business & Finance.

Thanks to the collective work of our writers, editors, designers, and reviewers we ve been able to once again rewrite history. We’re setting a new standard for what history means to people, offering a new way to look at the past (and present), as well as a way for families to look at it together.


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