Green Medicine: The Science of Nature as Therapy (DVD)


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A Revolutionary Therapy Tool for Transformation and Relief from Despair (without pills or creams!) TAUGHT by DR. SUPREME UNDERSTANDING

Dr. Supreme Understanding is a creator of powerful tools designed to help real people succeed for real, despite our often unreal circumstances. His work has impacted millions of lives. From 2008 to 2012, he published 26 life-changing books, covering everything from making money to making reality itself. Yet its been a few years since he published anything! Why? After cancer took the life of his wife, business partner, and best friend, Mecca Wise, Supreme found himself struggling like never before.

These years were hell. but the only way left was up!

So how did Supreme transform grief, anger, anxiety, depression, addiction, betrayal, loneliness, writers block, a mountain of debt, and the struggles of daily life, While rebuilding their company and raising their two children alone? Using the tools, techniques and thinking explained in this project!

Green Medicine is fresher than a lecture, deeper than a sermon, and covers more topics than most self-help books. Shot and produced by IAtomic Images in only 30 days, its raw and real, and designed simply to change lives.

Watch it alone or in a group. You may have to watch it a few times to catch and process everything! But anyone who watches this project will find themselves changing, growing, and healing!

Why Green Medicine? Because we deserve to live, and to live well…naturally! Following these ideas won’t cost you a dime but they might save your life!

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