Ways That you Could have Turned Your Life Around Yesterday

How many times have you heard the phrase, “Time waits for no man?”.

I personally have heard it more times from my nana than a thousand.

She would preach this saying to me while I was just a child. I now realize that she was encouraging me to plan accordingly and to avoid procrastination.

Now it’s my turn to preach it to you.

These are the steps that you need to take, to turn your life around today,

since you may not have yesterday.

This is “How to Get Smart in 17 Easy Steps”.

The section of the book “How to Get Smart in 17 Easy Steps”, is as simple as it sounds. Each step is bullet pointed out within a few pages for you to be able to follow. I promise, it doesn’t get any simpler than this. The first step is to read the book, “How to Hustle and Win”, by Supreme Understanding. You can find this book on Amazon and Kindle within seconds no matter if you prefer a physical or digital copy, there is an option for you.

The author, Supreme Understanding, admits that you do not have to read the book from front to back. It would be wise to eventually read the entire book, but it is most important that you at least, take away something meaningful from what you read. Whether it be a life lesson, a realization that you suddenly come too, or insight on a topic that you rarely discuss, you will find it within these pages.

The second step suggests that you Research. You may be asking, “What should I be researching?”. The answer is, everything. Research parts of what you read in the book, The people, places and events that are mentioned throughout it as well. The author also suggests that you look up meanings to words that you are not familiar with. It is best to “fact check” anything that you learn instead of taking what someone has told you and running with it.

The third step is to Read Daily. I understand many of us have busy schedules, but there is always time to read even if it is just a few pages a day. You just have to be willing to make or set aside the time necessary. Starting off with something as small as a graphic novel, or even a book of poetry will help to enhance your vocabulary and the way you process material.

The fourth step of this goes hand-in-hand with reading. The authors suggest that along with reading, you should also practice writing more. This can be done as easily as by keeping notes or writing your thoughts in a journal. It doesn’t matter exactly what you write down, or how much, just write! Practice makes perfect and as long as you’re still breathing, your ability to can always use improvements.

The remaining steps include: Looking deeper into everything by asking questions, using the internet to find answers, shaking off fear when it comes, going to school, not sitting around and collecting dust on the couch, talking to people that are more educated and experienced than you,studying what you are doing, and attending speeches given by intelligent people, playing mind games such as word puzzles and Sudoku, along with being smart and asking questions.

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