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Orlando Jones is more than just a disgruntled actor whining about being written off a show. TPTB knew they were done with him way before Sept and still haven’t given him a contract termination letter. So he’s fired but legally can’t be hired by anyone else right now…#OrlandoJonesIsTheActingKaepernick!


“Why do I not have in my hand a release letter, because when your option isn’t renewed with the studio that’s what they send you to let you know that so that you can go get other work.”

“Where is that letter that is in my contract that you have to give me? You can’t just notify me by phone call. No contract works that way because other people want to make sure that they’re not infringing on Starz’s rights by looking to employ me as a series regular if I’m contracted elsewhere and they’re holding exclusivity.”

Did you know American Gods eerily named production company Fremantle Media is the same one that did Gabrielle Union so dirty last month? And now even their bigoted relatives have got something to say.

Chic Eglee – The new showrunner that fired Orlando Jones…(the wristbands and t-shirt tho?!).

Did you know that Jones wasn’t only playing Anansi/Mr. Nancy, or just reading scripted material, he was producing and more importantly writing his character’s arc throughout the very critical season 2?

That’s Orlando Jones the Black man, not the actor, speaking truth to power in his scenes. He was using his platform to inspire, teach and above all warn us and that got him subjected to arguably the oldest cancel culture in modern times. Saying, showing or teaching about Black Gods whether from a factual or religious standpoint will get you shown the door or worst.

They’ll continue to blood suck you to promote their shit while knowing they are canning you!

That’s why it’s important to educate ourselves on our own folklore and tell it through our own channels as we’ve done with our book Black God: An Introduction to the World’s Religions and Their Black Gods.

Like Kaepernick, Orlando Jones’ knowing the history and how it relates to all of our challenges and struggles is the foundation of him, in the midst of this whole injustice, being able to re-introduce a Black Rebellion warrior like Denmark Vesey to and for the culture!

That’s why I say #OrlandoJonesIsTheActingKaepernick

#BlackGod #BlackRebellion

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