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We are an independent publishing company dedicated to the education and empowerment of the urban community

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Black People Invented Everything

Who invented the traffic light? What about the modern computer? Learn about the deep history of indigenous creativity.

How to Hustle and Win

Learn how the work of Supreme Understanding – Dr. Sujan Dass – is published as a curriculum, and where to start.


The Survibing Flash Drive Includes Ways to Survive and is the Knowledge of Everything you Need to Rebuild a Collapsed Society with 100 eBooks on survival, health and sustainability, agriculture, health and wellness, alternative power sources, home education, and loads of software apps, These limited edition stylized flash drives are sealed with a magnetic cap and hang securely attached to a sturdy chained necklace.

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God’s Estate Fundraiser

The proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards the acquisition of a 2 acre vacant lot in southwest Atlanta for the development of an orchid and teaching garden. A place for the community to learn and grow.

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All works are published as a curriculum – a learning system. Here’s where to start.

We’re here to transform the hood. Our titles cover all the issues that affect us, but we don’t just describe the problems. We provide dynamic solutions in plain language, giving you the tools to change your lives – and your communities – in very real ways.

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Meet Supreme Understanding

Supreme Understanding (or Dr. Sujan Dass, as he’s known in academic circles) is an accomplished educator, activist, and author responsible for over two dozen critically acclaimed books on urban self empowerment. He’s also a former Jersey City drug dealer, and high school dropout who tackled his depression with violence and alcohol. What changed everything?…