How to Hustle and Win

Why This Book Was Written

Excerpted from How to Hustle and Win Part One: A Survival Guide for the Ghetto by Supreme Understanding

Now let’s get into why you picked this book up. Either you already like reading and thought this would be another good book to check out…or this may be the book that gets you BACK into reading.

I was inspired when I first heard Young Jeezy talking about the book he was writing, Thug Motivation, to accompany his album of the same name. Jeezy always said he’s not a rapper, but a motivational speaker, and I felt him on that. He commented on how most Black youth aren’t reading because there aren’t many books out there that interest them or address issues that are relevant to them. I felt him on that too. But I waited for the book to drop. And I waited. Another album came out, but still no book. Then I remembered that the wise don’t wait for food to rain down from heaven. So instead of waiting for someone else to write a book like this, I wrote one.

Who am I? I’m you. Before and after. I’ve been through almost everything you could be going through, and I say that with some certainty because I’ve been through a lot (See “About the Author”). I’ve come out the hell I was born into, as well as the hell I put myself through…and I came out victorious, not a victim. Since I changed my name to Supreme Understanding Allah at 15, I’ve put a lot of thought and energy into developing a supreme understanding of everything I encountered. My first experience with the culture of Islam taught me that ISLAM means “I Study Life Around Me.” By studying, investigating, observing, building with, and listening to others much wiser than me, I’ve attained the twelve jewels every human being lives in pursuit of:

  • Knowledge
  • Wisdom
  • Understanding
  • Freedom
  • Justice
  • Equality
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Shelter
  • Love
  • Peace
  • Happiness

I didn’t think I’d ever make it to Peace and Happiness. Now that I have, however, I feel like I still have more to do. I’m in the streets daily, working hands-on with the community. I know that sounds like a great thing, but it also means anything can happen to me at any time. I’m okay with that. But I just can’t go to my grave not sharing what I’ve learned with as many people as possible. That’s what I’ve dedicated my life to. So this book is going to help me just as much as I hope it helps you.

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