This book is a compilation of the BEST info we could find, brought to you with the intention of making the task of finding money for educators easy to navigate. Why? Because teachers are underpaid as it is, and there’s often few funds available for teachers to provide their students with great learning resources in underserved communities. We thought we could help fix that!

This book is full of grants and funding opportunities for educators in all kinds of settings, including people running nonprofit programs and business owners looking to better serve their community’s youth.


There’s a ton in here! Feel free to skip ahead as needed! There are NO loans in this book. Nor any grants only available to large institutions or government agencies. This book is full of grants and funding opportunities for the common educator who serves the people. We’ve even included a few helpful articles on how to write winning grant proposals.

We hope everything within this volume helps you immensely! We’ll update this ebook regularly, so if we missed anything, or there’s duplicates or something we should cut, it’ll be fixed by the next edition!

Some of the articles here come from popular authors and sources on homeschooling, and we have kept their links intact so you can explore their content further. We apologize for any errors in attribution or other edits made for the reader’s benefit. If you’d like to see changes made to our content, reach out to us directly so we can fix any errors!

With that said, we at Righteous Family – as well as our many member businesses who partnered with us on this project – cannot affirm or guarantee the specifics and accuracy of every detail shared here, although we have researched this content to the best of our ability before sharing it with the world! We recommend everyone use this resource to investigate, explore, and make wise decisions for themselves! We did however, screen out for any scams or dead-end opportunities, as well as many that are no longer available.