DISASTER AND EMERGENCY GUIDANCE FOR THE WISE! WHY THIS BOOK WAS MADE! This book is a compilation of the BEST info we could find on what it takes to survive most disasters and emergencies in the first 72 hours.Why? Because the chances are high that you will experience a challenging situation like this within your lifetime, and it’s far better to be prepared and “in the know” than not to be! WHAT’S IN THIS Series. This book is part of a series designed to address varying levels of “collapse.” You’re currently reading the first volume of the series, which covers the basics.When **it Hits the Fan: Preppers vs Steppers: This edition focuses on basic emergency preparedness and how to survive natural (and manmade) disasters. This book also begins to address the different needs of people living in urban settings versus others.

#SurVing Means We Stay Up

Empowering eBooks for Survival and Success from Supreme Understanding and Righteous Family

The  SurVIBING collection covers essential understandings that we should all consider to secure our futures, and enjoy success even in times of great change.

The Survibing Flash Drive

The Survibing Flash Drive

The Survibing Flash Drive includes ways to survive and is the Knowledge of Everything you Need to Rebuild Society if the Power Goes Down, The Grid Shuts Down or the Internet is wiped from the face of the globe. This flash drive will work with out these things.