How to Hustle and Win

Quiz One: Identity and Ideas

1 When things go wrong, I…

  • A find someone to blame.
  • B pray for help.
  • C feel miserable.
  • D get to work on fixing them.

2 If I was lost in a foreign country, I would…

  • A look for someone who speaks English and ask them for directions.
  • B look to the sky for a sign.
  • C be nervous as hell.
  • D find a map and figure out where I am.

3 If I am behind on my bills, I usually…

  • A have someone who will lend me some money.
  • B wait for some money to come in.
  • C get really jealous of people with money.
  • D find a way to make some money.

4 To me, heaven is…

  • A for everyone, no matter what you do.
  • B God’s reward for me being faithful.
  • C the only place I’ll find happiness.
  • D what I make it.

5 Racism is…

  • A what keeps me from being successful.
  • B God’s test for Black people.
  • C a thing of the past!
  • D an evil we must continue to fight.

6 If I could fly, I would…

  • A steal everything I could and always get away.
  • B go up and meet God.
  • C kill everyone who ever did me wrong.
  • D explore the world.

7 I got this book because I…

  • A was told it was a good book.
  • B need to find myself.
  • C liked how the cover looked.
  • D thought the information would be useful.


Take a look at how you answered the questions and see which letter you picked more than the others. Before you read the following statements, however, I’m going to offer you this: Although there aren’t really any right or wrong answers, your answers tell a lot about you as a person.

You may not like what you find, but don’t take it personally. We’re all screwed up in one way or another. Life is about the process of perfection, which requires change and growth. You can’t grow until you learn your weaknesses.

Mostly As: The “Irresponsibles” These answers describe someone who isn’t thinking with their own mind yet. Either they are looking for the approval of others, following others’ lead, or blaming their own issues on outside factors or people. In other words, they’re always denying responsibility, avoiding accountability, and looking for outside help.

Mostly Bs: The “Faithfuls” These answers describe someone who is highly religious. They believe prayer is the answer for their problems, and often avoid working to solve their problems as a result. They think of everything in religious terms, and rarely use critical thinking or logic to understand what is really going on.

Mostly Cs: The “Emotionals” These answers describe someone who usually responds to situations in emotional terms. They may not spend a lot of time crying, but they are more likely to become angry, depressed, or irrational, than someone who has control of their emotions.

Mostly Ds: The “Originals” These answers describe someone who thinks for himself, solves his own problems, and avoids the pitfalls of the above personality types. These people are usually the most successful in life, because they know how to create their own success. However, sometimes these people can be too intellectual about things.

Sound accurate? Maybe, maybe not. Realistically, you can’t be defined by seven questions. But I want you to learn about personality types and the behaviors they produce. Even when something doesn’t apply to you, you should be able to learn from it. After all, you may be running with a bunch of “irresponsibles” without realizing it. Just think, if you ever get into some trouble while with one of them, guess who’s going to snitch…on you?

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