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Quiz Two: Approach to Life and Situations

Quiz Two: Approach to Life and Situations

  1. If I tell somebody I’ll meet them in ten minutes, I…
    1. will probably be late.
    2. might get caught up and forget about them.
    3. make sure I leave early so I’m not late.
    4. already know it’ll take at least 15 minutes or more.


  1. When I speak to a woman I like, I…
    1. let her do all the talking.
    2. start talking bout sex as soon as I can.
    3. tell her what I want to tell her.
    4. tell her what I think she wants to hear.


  1. People think I’m…
    1. a screw-up.
    2. crazy as hell.
    3. bout my business.
    4. whatever I want them to think.


  1. If I made a thousand dollars today, I would…
    1. probably not know what to do with it.
    2. go ball out and spend almost all of it.
    3. save or invest it.
    4. tell everyone I was rich.


  1. If someone tells me I’m f*cking up in life, I…
    1. figure f*cking up is not a big deal.
    2. tell ‘em to worry bout themself.
    3. listen if it makes sense.
    4. pretend to listen and laugh when they leave.


  1. When I’m around people I respect, I…
    1. hope that they will notice me.
    2. make sure I really stand out.
    3. carry myself the same way I always do.
    4. try to think and act like them.


  1. My favorite saying (from those below) is…
    1. I didn’t know.
    2. I don’t give a f*ck.
    3. I hear you.
    4. I want to do that.



Okay, different series of questions, different sets of answers. That means different results, of course. Again, you’re looking at which answer you picked more than the others. This chapter deals with behaviors. So if you don’t like what you find, it’s not impossible to change it.

Mostly As: The “Incompetents” These answers describe someone who just “can’t do right.” That doesn’t mean these people ONLY make bad decisions. It simply means these people spend a lot of time not having a clue about what to do, and making poor choices as a result. Sometimes, these individuals fall upon good situations by accident, but even then, they’re not really sure how they got there, or how to make it happen again.

Mostly Bs: The “Ignorants” These answers describe someone who lives like they don’t care. While any army needs soldiers like these, a loose cannon is always a dangerous thing. Sometimes these individuals are having a hard time figuring things out as well, but they act reckless and ignorant so they’ll seem like it doesn’t matter to them. Although they appear strong, they feel they have to act this way because they’re having a hard time with life.

Mostly Cs: The “Intentionals” These answers describe someone who usually has a purpose to the words, ways, and actions they choose. They may not always make the most popular choice, but their choices are intentionally designed to bring about the results they want. These individuals usually find themselves in less stupid situations than the others.

Mostly Ds: The “Imposters” These answers describe someone who wants to appear a certain way, whether or not that is really what he is about. They are often so concerned with how others see them that they forget who they really are or what they want to do. These people rarely mean what they say or say what they mean. As a result, it’s hard to have any confidence in them.

I won’t spend too much time every chapter explaining what you can do with these results. If you don’t like what you’ve found, then challenge yourself to be better. If you disagree with what’s been said, then prove it wrong. Either way, the following pages will offer you some insight into how you can do either one.

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