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Quiz Four: Values and Priorities

Quiz Four: Values and Priorities

  1. The most important things in my life are…
    1. my family, my friends, and my loved ones.
    2. money and women.
    3. my values and the issues I’d fight for.
    4. studying, learning, and spreading ideas.


  1. In life, I most need…
    1. love, peace, and happiness.
    2. food, clothing, and shelter.
    3. freedom, justice, and equality.
    4. knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.


  1. I’m most impressed by a person who has…
    1. a large, strong family.
    2. more money than me.
    3. been a political prisoner.
    4. written books.


  1. The best college major for me would be…
    1. Fine Arts.
    2. Political Science.


  1. My favorite hobby is…
    1. spending time with others.
    2. getting paid.
    3. activism and community service.
    4. reading or writing.


  1. One thing I hope I never do (from this point on) is…
    1. hurt somebody I really care about.
    2. go broke.
    3. forget about my people or where I come from.
    4. forget everything I have learned.


  1. If I landed on a deserted island, I would…
    1. begin missing my people immediately.
    2. gather up food first.
    3. explore the island first.
    4. think up a plan first.


Okay, I’ve been pretty hard on you so far. For the last three chapters, there was basically only one correct answer, right? If the descriptions for the other three seemed harsh, they were there in the early chapters to make it clear how f*cked up we really are. At this point, we can move on to other ways of looking at things.

Mostly As: The “Family Men” These answers describe someone who puts their loved ones before everything. They will often sacrifice in order to help others. However, these people can get caught up in being “social” and “having fun,” and not doing anything else with their lives. For many of these people, they don’t have a purpose for their lives, so they spend most of their energy keeping people happy. Unfortunately, these people sometimes cannot equip their own families with the needed mindset for survival in this corrupt world. These people must work harder on developing an agenda, or purpose, for their lives.

Mostly Bs: The “Businessmen” These answers describe someone who is all about getting paid. Whether they lose themselves and everyone else in the process isn’t important for many of these people. For others, they see money as an immediate solution to their problems, and those of people they care about. They believe that “making it” financially will solve it all. Oftentimes, these people become successful, but rarely do they have lives of true significance. These people must work harder on seeing past the dollar signs, and looking at what’s “really” going on around them.

Mostly Cs: The “Activists” These answers describe someone who is all about making a change in the world. One of the strong points of this lifestyle is that these people are sincerely inspired to do something about what is wrong. However, these people can often lose sight of friendships, relationships, and even personal responsibilities, while “fighting” for their cause. These people must work harder on maintaining balance in their lives, while continuing to refine their strategy for change.

Mostly Ds: The “Philosophers” These answers describe someone who is in love with ideas. They often lack a practical approach, and cannot apply their ideas in a realistic fashion. Often they become disenchanted with the world and other people, because the real world is very different from the world of ideas. These people must work harder on staying in touch with their people, and not confusing what “should be” for “what is.”

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