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Voluntary and Involuntary “Immigrants”

In another uncut scene from the life of Dr. Supreme Understanding, the good doctor shares his thoughts on the struggles of voluntary immigrants who lose their ethnic identity to “fit in” and those of “involuntary” minorities (Black people, Native people, and others) who are targeted for imprisonment or elimination! Across the world the global Black diaspora – the same ones who built the world’s civilizations – are now the most endangered! This video is set at the location of Supreme’s upcoming video project, The Understanding Walk: The Science of Nature as Therapy (coming soon!). Just as he’s closing out, Supreme (whose family comes from Bangladesh) is joined by a group of brothers from Gambia. And, as Supreme has written, “This is where the real building begins! When you step away from this screen and make the ideas real in your life!” If you want to know when the DVD drops, make sure you subscribe to our channel and keep telling us what you want!

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