Call for Papers

We are looking for guest authors to contribute to our books!

Submissions should feature original writing that is written to help empower readers that don’t like reading! Pick a subject or story that only you can tell, the way you tell it! Make sure it’s engaging, easy to read, and delivers ideas and strategies that anyone can use today to better their lives! If you can include references to books from us, that’s even better.

The Real #AmericanGods

Have you seen American Gods? It’s a television series based on a book of the same name. The premise? A reluctant hero, Shadow Moon, realizes his familiar world is actually inhabited by gods and divine beings of all kinds. He runs into Odin, Anubis, Thoth, Ishtar, a Jinn (or genie), and a surprisingly tall leprechaun. What’s dope is the Black Gods are played by melanin-rich Black men and women.


Orlando Jones is more than just a disgruntled actor whining about being written off a show. TPTB knew they were done with him way before Sept and still haven’t given him a contract termination letter. So he’s fired but legally can’t be hired by anyone else right now…#OrlandoJonesIsTheActingKaepernick!

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